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About Us

      “The Society of Human Genetics” officially registered as an association on December 27, 2019, it is an organization that brings together experts and interested parties to create and use human genetics knowledge and technology to benefit humans as much as possible. It has a core mission of academic, education, research and application in genetics in all areas related to human health, medicine and public health. It also has a mission to promote the study of the impact of knowledge and technology on genetics on ethics law and society

      Although it is a newly formed association but with a mission that will be of great benefit to Thai society together with the members are knowledgeable, capable, determined, dedicated, selfless and devoted to the common good. We are therefore confident that it will be an organization that will enable members to come to know and to join forces in order to be a source of academic support and to benefit the society as a whole, extensively.


Presidential Address

        Vorasuk Shotelersuk, MD First, I would like to thank all my faculty and colleagues for trusting me to be the first president of the Thai Society of Human Genetics. I intend to be determined and dedicated to laying the foundation of the Society to enable members to work fully and efficiently according to the mission of the Society, which in turn will benefit the Thai society. 

    The Genetics Society of Thailand, established in 1985, has a mission to study genetics of all organisms covering humans, animals, plants, microorganisms, and others. 




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