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Society of Human Genetics Has filed for registration as a juristic person on December 27, 2019, starting with the association's board of 16 people, led by Prof. Dr. Worasak Chotilersak was the first president of the association

The objectives of the association are as follows:  

1. Promote education, research and innovation related to genetics in all fields related to human beings.

2. Promote the study of social, ethical and legal impacts related to knowledge. and technology in human genetics

3. Support the development of policies and guidelines to make proper progress in the field of study and research in human genetics taking into account the social and ethical implications

4. Promote academic work and knowledge exchange among scientists, researchers and practitioners involved in human genetics relevant to the Thai context. and support to increase the productivity of practitioners in the field of human genetics.

5. Support activities and cooperate with government agencies and organizations both at home and abroad related to human genetics work without expecting business results  

6. Disseminate knowledge of human genetics to the public. to realize the effect of genetic factors and cognitive limitations on behavior proper human health

7. Conducting charity work and organizing campaign activities to raise money to support academic dissemination of human genetics to relevant agencies society and the general public

8. Promote unity among human genetics practitioners. including maintaining professional ethics

9. Not taking any political action

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